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Lookit meee!

Yeah, so, I've met some interesting people on
MySpace. The one I like most seems stand offish
in a playing-hard-to-put-up-with kind of way.
This other chick is coming to NY this week. She
has amassed quite a legion of male fans in NY,
most of whom I trust a lot less than she seems to
(plus she is somewhat attracted to women, and
she's got plenty of female fans in NY as well). I
won't be expecting more than a handshake from
her. I think she's beautiful but I like her as a
friend more than anything. For some reason I get
this energy of "drug addiction" when I look at
her pictures. If she wants to go out, she'll have
to ask.

My home, job, career, relationships, hobbies,
wardrobe, everything is on shaky ground. One
drastic event could literally leave me with
nothing to my name. Maybe deep down I need to
just get away, but the word "now" isn't quite in
my vocabulary.
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Who is the girl that you think is most interesting? If you can say, that is!


February 16 2011, 00:37:32 UTC 6 years ago

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June 7 2011, 06:14:26 UTC 5 years ago

Grand, j'ai trouvé ce que je ve été lookin pour


October 3 2011, 10:42:13 UTC 5 years ago

Aber erzählen will, dass dies sehr hilfreich ist, vielen Dank für deine Zeit, dies zu schreiben.