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Public Photography: Public Faux Pas?

As I was walking down the bridge I saw someone planted to the ground holding his camera. It was as if his only purpose in life was to survey everyone walking across the bridge.

After I passed him, he turned around as quickly as possible. He must have seen that I was wearing headphones and thought that I was someone who I definitely wasn't. Not only had I felt abused but my intelligence was also insulted. I stopped and stared at him, prompting him to stop. When he wouldn't, I charged directly towards him -- until he turned and pointed his camera towards the water.

Immediately afterwards I turned around, and noticed that he had a female accomplice who was also with camera. I approached her and watched her from behind, and I noticed that the LCD was off. These people never acknowledged my presence, no less my concerns. I thought that it was going to take a physical confrontation to get them to stop. Instead, I chose to wait them out. About 10 minutes later, they finally relented. As they were leaving I noticed that they didn't look like tourists at all, which tells me that they were doing it for pay.

There is something absolutely DESPICABLE about people who will pretend that you are stupid, much less ask for permission to use your likeness, much less PAY you for using your likeness. It is because of BASTARDS like these that I have never done public photography.
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