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go_status' Journal

Monday, July 24, 2006

1:34AM - Lookit meee!

Yeah, so, I've met some interesting people on
MySpace. The one I like most seems stand offish
in a playing-hard-to-put-up-with kind of way.
This other chick is coming to NY this week. She
has amassed quite a legion of male fans in NY,
most of whom I trust a lot less than she seems to
(plus she is somewhat attracted to women, and
she's got plenty of female fans in NY as well). I
won't be expecting more than a handshake from
her. I think she's beautiful but I like her as a
friend more than anything. For some reason I get
this energy of "drug addiction" when I look at
her pictures. If she wants to go out, she'll have
to ask.

My home, job, career, relationships, hobbies,
wardrobe, everything is on shaky ground. One
drastic event could literally leave me with
nothing to my name. Maybe deep down I need to
just get away, but the word "now" isn't quite in
my vocabulary.

Current mood: awake

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

5:06PM - Public Photography: Public Faux Pas?

As I was walking down the bridge I saw someone planted to the ground holding his camera. It was as if his only purpose in life was to survey everyone walking across the bridge.

After I passed him, he turned around as quickly as possible. He must have seen that I was wearing headphones and thought that I was someone who I definitely wasn't. Not only had I felt abused but my intelligence was also insulted. I stopped and stared at him, prompting him to stop. When he wouldn't, I charged directly towards him -- until he turned and pointed his camera towards the water.

Immediately afterwards I turned around, and noticed that he had a female accomplice who was also with camera. I approached her and watched her from behind, and I noticed that the LCD was off. These people never acknowledged my presence, no less my concerns. I thought that it was going to take a physical confrontation to get them to stop. Instead, I chose to wait them out. About 10 minutes later, they finally relented. As they were leaving I noticed that they didn't look like tourists at all, which tells me that they were doing it for pay.

There is something absolutely DESPICABLE about people who will pretend that you are stupid, much less ask for permission to use your likeness, much less PAY you for using your likeness. It is because of BASTARDS like these that I have never done public photography.

Current mood: annoyed

Friday, November 18, 2005

9:22PM - 3 steps forwards

I went to an event held by a school I used to attend. It was a portfolio evalutation for students who were about to leave. When I got there, everyone was just standing around, so I was like "I gotta get this thing started!" I walked around nosying through people's work being all intrustive and whatnot. Eventually everyone began to loosen up and a feeling of accomplishment overcame me.

The opportunity came for me to talk to some students I met just before I graduated. Most of them wereguys but there was this one female named Victoria whom I found myself eerily attracted to. While I was a student I always noticed her but I never actually talked to her until just last night. She was shy, adorable, sexy and classy (well, last night, anyway). I couldn't figure out why my eyes kept moving towards her rack, and then I remembered when she used to wear low-cut blouses. Now that I think about it, she also came to school in mini-skirts every so often, which she looked totally hot in. She was tall, too..... Maybe I should have made a move, but I was in too much of a friendly mood to think about it.

We talked about a favorite teacher of ours: about how attending his classes was one of the few rewarding experiences that most of the students got, and about how his business exploded so much that he couldn't teach anymore. He was definitely a stallwart—he had worked at that school until 2 months ago (around the middle of September). The conversation lasted for about 10 minutes and then she started acting like a Virgo so I went to look at some other portfolios.

One guy was a tall oaf. I shouldn't make fun of him but he was a bit "honest." His portfolio consisted of business software hardcopies, collages of video game characters, and collages of action movie heroes. Another guy was a bit older, maybe in his 50's. He worked all his life as a flourist and then he says that the floral industry was usurped by Martha Stewart, so now he's switching careers. His work was just as mediocre as everyone else's, so I figure that everyone something to tell.

I walked around talking to a few more people but I tried not to pry too much into each person's life story. Instead, I chose ask the artists about their technique—which most of them didn't have much to say about. I quickly became discouraged and I just grabbed a soda and hors d'oeuvres and kept walking around. Eventually I met up with two talented grafitti artists, but no one who showed a general passion for art or even at least graphic design.

As I left, I realized that the teacher I had talked about earlier came to see how the glory days at that school were long gone.

Our company is looking to negotiate a deal for a rap artist to collaborate with Kanye West. We are also looking to work with Redman.

The legal team is looking to negotiate a contract with a writer who was just released from prison. He was about to join a platinum-record rap group in the early 90's, but in addition to being arrested and convicted, he sustained an injury which left him paraplegic. He wants to sell a story he wrote while incarcerated to Marvel Comics. Let's see how that comes up !

Current mood: accomplished

Friday, October 28, 2005

8:42PM - Nice !!

I used to be a solitary web designer but now I'm a SUPERVISOR !!!! Well, not exactly because they are interns, but I'm not making them fetch me food and shit, I'm putting them to do some actual work. At least I can tack onto my resume "Supervised junior members of staff" or something like that. I'm taking my position seriously as well, because they are just graphic artists and I still have to do the back-end programming.

In addition to my normal workload, I have to come up with ways to help the interns learn design. This can turn out to prove really interesting, and just when I was about to quit !

Hurray for people !!!

Current mood: accomplished

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

8:47AM - Fiber !!

Fiber uppercut !!

Current mood: accomplished